In-vehicle retail helping drivers earn more

What if rideshare drivers
can earn more from driving?

Rideshare has been very popular since uber started in 2012. However, 96 percent of Uber drivers stopped driving for the company within the first year because of the low pay, from an Independent’s report. How can we help those drivers with a new business?





Defined a business opportunity that combines the human desire, business feasibility and technology support through systematic innovation methodology.

Generated a VC-ready business
pitch deck with experiences/products, business model, financial model and strategic roadmap etc.

Current Problem

96 percent of Uber drivers stop driving
within the first year because of low pay. 

The data is according to a recent analysis of previously withheld data obtained by The Independent. 


Some drivers offer riders free water or snacks
to get more tips, but it doesn't work well. 
Is there a bette way?

If they can earn more, driving is definitely one of their ideal job because of the flexibility.
The expense of water and snacks reduce their earning at the same time.

a brand new point of sale
in rideshare vehicle.


Riders can get cool and nice beverages along
the journey and pay through mobile phone.

Riders can pay for the products via Apple pay, PayPal or credit card on mobile phone
and take the product by themselves.

Actionable advertsing

Get entertained by the interactive ads and
encourage them to take action right away.

Other than the elevator edvartising, it encourage riders to make valuable action
right away through mobile purchase.


Discover lovely products and get
them delivered to their home.

Riders can discover products that need try/try-on process and
take advatage of private time and space in car.

How it works

Drivers get partnered with Vendgo, get free inventory and download screen ads via app.

Go certified through Vendgo website and get the machine as well as inventory for free through
Vendgo Referral Plan or pay $50 for deposit. Track your inventory and downloand the screen ads
through the mobile app (data fee covered by Vendgo)

a typical day

Drivers start with refilling products
and freeze pack in the morning, and
track earnings at the end of the day.

Take products and one freeze pack from the trunk and refill Vendgo machine.
Check earnings from retail and ads views at the end of each day.

how to restock

Drivers go to Vendgo vans for restocking
or get inventory delivered to their door.

Inventory is always free for drivers when they partner with Vendgo.
The drivers get notification for restocking. They can choose the nearest
Restock Van to pick up the inventory or get inventory delivered to their home.

Choose the nearest Restock Van to pick up inventory

Or get inventory delivered to their home

Driver's benefit

Vendgo can help a driver make $170 or more
monthly from the same driving time.

Strategic Roadmap

Started with basic drinks and regional ads, Vendgo will introduce more promotional products and AR/contextual ads later.

Three-phase roadmap includes products, ads, technology and region developments etc.

market size

The potential market size will be
more than $4 billion just for US market.

Product Feature


In-vehicle retail helping drivers earn more

How to help
rideshare drivers
earn more ?


New Business  / In-vehicle Retail

What will the driverless
car experience be like
in 2035 ?

Fast or slow

Future Study /  Autonomous Vehicle

Help a traditional marker
brand transit into
a digital future.


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build an innovative
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