Challenge your favorite influencers to do fun tasks.

A new revenue growth model
for an influencer company

An influencer company seek for a long-term business-model based innovation. The task was to develop and visualize ideas for new business opportunities that create revenue growth to fulfill the Merchlab's mission and leverage their core capabilities. 




Merchlabs, a social media branding agency, cooperates with over 170 online influencers to sell its branded merchandise online. 

Discover an innovative and feasible revenue growth model for its business beyond the current and present as a busienss pitch.

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The online influencer trend
is all about engagement. 

Based on interviews with Merchlabs, influencers and followers,
we found out engagement is the core of online influencer business.


However, influencers are
having difficulty with sustained
new content creation. How can
we help them create desirable
stories to engage with their fans?

Product definition

CanU is an online video platform
that followers can challenge their favorite influencers to do fun tasks and influencers perform them via short video clips.

how business account  WORKS

Business account introduce authentic advertisements through challenging influencers or everyone.


Advertisements will be like this.

Challenge: Can you grind on your skateboard with our new balance shoes?

new value

The new business model benefits
influencers, followers and brands.

CanU enhances  engagement between followers and influencers and introduce
authentic and fun advertisements untilizing the engagements.

financial projection

Revenue will be from royal followers' subscription and business accounts.
The subscription revenue is projected
to $8.97 Million.

Followers: $ 2.99 per month. (5M established followers, 5% are targeted as royal)
Business Account: Charge by the number of views.


AR/VR engagements will be the future.

CanU starts from the interaction between influencer and followers. Then introduces business account and advertising. Augmented reality and virtual reality will be used in future engagements when technology allows.


Challenge your favorite influencers to do fun tasks.

How to help
rideshare drivers
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in 2035 ?

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brand transit into
a digital future.


 Product  Visual Language /  Company Strategy

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