Exercise with friends in virtual wonderlands from anywhere, at anytime.

New VR Driven
Business Opportunity

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR MR AR) technology and relative business are booming. A large media company believes specific advances in displays, networks, and computing will converge to create new markets and opportunities. Where's their next well-positioned investments and establish partnerships that will give them strategic business advantages? This project aims to help bring their understanding of what the future could be into focus and visualize ideas for new business opportunity that they can invest in.




Venture Capitals
Investor Panel

Define a business opportunity in VR industry and present a 10-minute
startup pitch including experience and business model

Selected by the investor panel.

what is wonderland?

Wonderland provides a responsive, collaborative and entertained workout experience in VR gaming evironments that combine with natural wonderlands.

The gaming scenarios distract users from the difficulty of exercising.


What Wonderland Offers

VR game and motion

VR Game Software

Motion Tracker

Exerciser selects a preferred trail and compete with friends' avatars in the same trail. 

Wonderland tracker tracks user's movement and projects that into avators in game to let them compete with friends.


Ankle tracker projects your
movement into your avatar

With the tracker, you can have a responsive experience in game.


It knows when you need
another intense round.

The motion tracker tracks exerciser's bio information (ex: heart rate),
which assists them with a HIIT workout instruction.

business partners

Partner with sport brands
to build embedded in-game
marketing campaign

The exerciser collects money and sport equipments
such as shoes to get a higher level. 


Stretchable fabric
band is comfortable
like your sock

multiple ways to use

You can put it
in your sock
without the band

The material is stretchable, antibacterial and washable.

Use it in a way that fits your lifestyles.

market positioning

It doesn't need to work with
specific-designed fitness equipment

Compatible with your own equipment at home.

financial model

How to make money

Product Sale

Software Subscription

Virtual Sale & Embedded ads

Wonderland sells the ankle
band for $129.

VR Game Software subscription, which is 7 dollars per month.

 Cooperate with real sports brand to do embedded advertisement.

market overview

Fitness Market Overview

Gym memberships

Workout at home

Fitness Equipment

Gym memberships in the US by 2015.
20% increase in a decade.

In 2013, 25m people
regularly exercised at home.

Fitness Equipment Market size in 2015 was over USD 10 billion, it is estimated to register gains at 3.8% from 2016 to 2023.

Nitch Market

VR Exercise-gaming

The global virtual reality (VR) in gaming market size is expected
to reach USD 45.09 billion by 2025, according to a new report
by Grand View Research, Inc.


Exercise with friends in virtual wonderlands
from anywhere, at anytime.

How to help
rideshare drivers
earn more ?


New Business  / In-vehicle Retail

What will the driverless
car experience be like
in 2035 ?

Fast or slow

Future Study /  Autonomous Vehicle

Help a traditional marker
brand transit into
a digital future.


 Product  Visual Language /  Company Strategy

Help an influencer company
build an innovative
business model.


New Business  / Digital Experience