Redesign the brand language for now and
create a growth strategy for 2025.

Help a traditional
marker brand transit
into a digital future.

Sponsored by Newell Brands, the project is to challenged to redefine a new visual language for the Prismacolor premier product line (marker and color pencil) and at the same time create a strategy for Prismacolor, a traditional analog tool brand, to transit into a digital future as many art and design professionals use digital tools.




Newell Brands

Define a strategic roadmap for Prismacolor and design relevant
products along the roadmap.

Selected to present at
Newell Brands' headquarter.

Strategic Roadmap 

Make it appeal to professionals

Responsive E-learning
(with assistant projector)

Drawing Software

In order to make Prismacolor brand appeal to current art professionals, Prismacolor should redesign its product line, rethink its point of sale, and redefine its systemic brand experiences from all perspectives.

In the journey to future, Prismacolor can create an online education platform to connect artistic influencers and learners. Also, the smart projector synchronizes with video tutorials and projects step-by-step instruction on paper.

In future, utilizing big-data collected from the education platform, Prismacolor has the advantages to develop an AI-powered drawing software to let people draw fast and creatively.

Current Problem

Current Prismacolor doesn't
appeal to professionals.

Childish round body shape doesn't appeal to professionals, difficult to catch color code
on flat caps, can not be refilled while competitor's do, non-user-friendly point of sale.
Also, professionals usually create color palettes for art works, but Prismacolor's existing
color system doesn't assist with that.


New Prismacolor Premier Marker is
Pure, Confident and Driven.

"To help professionals achieve" is always Prismacolor's brand focus. Discard childish round body shape as well as paper label and bring in a new rounded-rectangle body shape with pure color design, which not only inspire professionals' creativity through its non-distracting pureness, but also allow professionals to control the line-weight with confidence by rotating the marker body precisely and stably.


New Prismacolor Premier Pencil
is precise and timeless.

Uniforming the design language for markers and pencils,
solved a long-term problem for Prismacolor. 


Don't show the color palette,
show what can be drawn from it.

Let buyers get a visual understanding of what values can be drawn from the color palette.
Use a reusable plastic case to let people carry around for daily use.
The case follows the new brand language.

influencer marketing

Introduce the colors by stories,
not by themselves. 

“You can be the person you like.”- Art material users are heavily influenced by their influencers. To create color sets and story videos based on influencer's color palettes is Prismacolor's new opportunity.

distinguish point of sale

Prismacolor Smart
Shelf helps it stand
out in art stores.

Provide an enjoyable purchasing process for customers.


Screen and Smart Lighting
System assist customers
with color selection.

With Smart Lighting System, the shelf lets customer find markers in
desired color palettes quickly by lighting up shelf units accordingly
and printing out the customized package label.

color pallete customization

Turn any inspirational image
into a customized color palette.

Prismacolor finds the best color palette that matches your image and help you
achieve your dream painting with ultimate colors.


Prismacolor Spot
synchronizes with online
video tutorials and projects
overlay instruction.

Prismacolor Spot is a smart projector that works with online educational website.
It synchronizes with video tutorials and allows the user to get responsive learning
feedback through step-by-step over-lay instruction.

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What will the driverless
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in 2035 ?

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Future Study /  Autonomous Vehicle

Help a traditional marker
brand transit into
a digital future.


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Help an influencer company
build an innovative
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