Nest flow

A smart air purifier that moves from room to room based on your schedule.

What is the next-generation
smart air purifier for Nest?

As our air quality continues to worsen, the adoption of air purifiers has been accelerating rapidly. Nest sees opportunities in this rapidly growing market and is interested in the possibility of extending their current product offerings to include products in this space. They currently produce “smart” thermostats, and security camera systems.




Xiaomi as guest

Develop a design proposal for next generation smart air purifier for Nest.

Voted best in show


An effective air purification solution for
a multi-room living space is desirable. 

Buy three air purifiers for three rooms? Based on research, people are not willing to buy multiple
machines for multiple rooms. Millennials are seeking for an easy lifestyle through technology.

nest flow

A smart air purifier that moves from
room to room based on your schedule.

It learns your habits and operates itself smartly.

08:00 AM

It saves.

Nest Flow turns itself into auto-away mode to save your energy when you leave.

05:00 PM

It learns.

Nest Flow prepares fresh air
before you arrive home.

11:00 PM

It moves.

Nest Flow moves based on
your schedule.

03:00 AM

It knows when you are near.

Nest Flow light automatically turns on when it senses your approach and lights up your way.


They work together.

Nest products talk to each other and work together in your connected home.


It helps you know more.

Nest Flow provides data and tips just like a knowledgeable butler.


Iconic thoughtful lights communicate what is happening.


Conductive charging dock and infrared sensors
enable Nestflow to go back for recharging automatically.

Nest family, a simple lifestyle.

Its simple, clean and geometric shape with considered details
follows Nest Brand Language and blends itself into Nest Product Family.

What does "smart" mean?

The air purifier should learns your schedule, adopts your habits, and programs itself thoughtfully.
More importantly, it should communicate itself smartly.


Nest Flow

A conscious air purifier that learns your schedule, communicates smartly, and moves from room to room thoughtfully.

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