Who we are

Hold a Different Perspective to Think About Design

6amlab believes that every enterprise/organization needs constant innovation to drive it forward. 6amlab is passionate is to help enterprises solve complex and unstructured problems, find strategic insights and potential business opportunities, and create human-centered and business model-based innovation solutions. 

Founder Chen Chen holds a master in industrial design from the ArtCenter College of Design and a bachelor in Business Administration from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Prior to her current venture, she worked for Honda R&D Americas, Ernst & Young and Deloitte in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Beijing, leading projects in product design, autonomous driving research, retail innovation, service design, etc.

How we do

Research-heavy and Strategy-led Design

More than designing the product/service itself, 6amlab is considering the product/service in the ecosystem of business, technology and human need. We usually start with Future Study technique and Trend Analysis methodology to "get smart" about the project, then conduct human-centered research to find insights of customer's need, want and desire as well as opportunities for the business. Next, we visualize the user experience for the next phase of design.

What we do

Design, Research, Strategy

Human-Centered Research
Desk Research
Product Design
Service Design
Branding Strategy

Clients and Project Partners

Newell Brands, USA
Prismacolor, USA
Honda R&D American, USA
Merchlabs, USA
Nest, USA
Xiaomi, China
Dovetail, China