What will the diverless car experience be like in 2035?

Kira Wampler, Lyft's CMO, said "it's not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about bringing something more to that transportation experience." The project was challenged to investigate new situations, capabilities and design opportunities of the "next-next" into future when new technologies will redefine the driving experience.




Honda R&D American

Enbracing the autonomous, connected
and electric technologies, this project is challenged to redefine the personal transportation experience in 2035.

Offered Honda internship opportunity

Is that all bout fast?
It's about how you want to
spend the time between A and B.

It could be fast, but it also
could be slow, relax, entertaining,
touring or even get lost in the city.

Car will be responsive to human need
and create personalized experience
through routing, cabin and interaction
inside and out at each journey.

Personal Routing

Pay for fast routes. Get paid for taking slow/commercial routes.

We don't always need fast. If you have time, you can get paid by choosing a slow route.
Contextual augmented reality advertisements may pay you to watch them on the routes.
Calculated fast routes will replace the physical fast lane.

Virtual Passenger

A collective experience with virtual passengers inside and out.

What if we can share amazing views on the road trip with our beloved ones who can's come along with?
Virtual Passengers will be able to let people who can't come along join the party inside and share the view outside, breaking barriers of time and space through 360 cameras and live streaming technology.

Memory Bank

An AI learning and triggering system
with a reference bank and a preference bank.

Memory Bank memorizes user behaviors through cameras and cabin settings and then utilizes related memories to create personalized experiences, from practical assistance to sentimental enhancement.

It gives personal experiences by
utilizing related memories
triggered by facial recognition
and contextual information.

Example: Cabin temperature and music settings based on facial recognition 
Restaurant recommendations based on location and facial recognition

Preference Bank

Reference Bank

Preference Bank memorizes user behaviors that are associated with a person's preference. Examples: John said, "I like this song"; 

Reference Bank memorize random conversations that are not associated with a person's preference. Examples: Chen and Ji passed by a well-designed Indian restaurant and said: "we should try this restaurant next time!"

Research and Process

Fast or slow?

Redefine the personal transportation experience in 2035.

How to help
rideshare drivers
earn more ?


New Business  / In-vehicle Retail

What will the driverless
car experience be like
in 2035 ?

Fast or slow

Future Study /  Autonomous Vehicle

Help a traditional marker
brand transit into
a digital future.


 Product  Visual Language /  Company Strategy

Help an influencer company
build an innovative
business model.


New Business  / Digital Experience