Dovetail Wood Joinery
Inspired Jewelry

February, 2020


Loop is a series of earrings inspired by the traditional Chinese practice of mortise-and-tenon wood joinery. Using a cutting edge six-way locking dovetail structure, Loop combines jade and metal components into a singular modular system.

Jade Can Be Cool

LOOP is designed to break the perceived monotony of typical jade jewelry styles. LOOP gives millennials and Generation Z the choice of minimalistic yet sophisticated jewelry that aims to redefine the traditions and future of jade jewelry design.

Jade Renaissance

Jade jewelry has traditionally been a staple of typical Chinese personal ornamentation. However, today diamond jewelry, imported from foreign sources, dominate the market. International tastes may be geared towards an appreciation of diamonds and other precious materials, but there is space for a long overdue innovation in jade jewelry.

Pioneering Application of Mortise-and-Tenon Wood Joinery in Jewelry

No jewelry production the present international market uses the Mortise-and-Tenon Wood Joinery technique as the basis for a functional ornamental structure, as well as an iconic mode of expression. Inspired by Dovetail Joinery, LOOP formed a modern and systematic design team.


Innovative Six-way Locking Joinery Structure

On the basis of dovetail locking structure, the concave-convex arc surface on the side is an innovative addition that forms a new six-way locking dovetail structure, enabling the Mortise-and-Tenon structure to be applied to non-elastic materials. This allows seamless assembly of metal and jade without any need for glue or welding. The glue-free and solder-free multi-material modular system provides greater flexibility and variability not only for users, but also for mass production.

Industry impact

Challenging Jade Industry Traditions

Instead of traditional stone setting techniques, LOOP’s jade and metal components are cut into highly-accurate modular pieces and assembled in a precise modular system. This innovative assembly method challenges jade jewelry industry traditions by introducing higher manufacturing accuracy and applying diversified advanced manufacturing techniques including five axis CNC and linear cutting.


Dovetail wood joinery
inspired jewelry

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