Chinese Traditional Wooden
Kongming Lock Inspired Jewelry

February, 2020


FAN are earrings inspired by Chinese traditional Wooden Kongming Lock Puzzle. The jade and metal parts are assembled through secret heading joints without any joins or welding and they can be detached manually.

Jade Can Be Cool

FAN is designed to revitalize the traditional forms and styles of jade jewelry, puncturing perceptions of monotony and introducing inspiration to a much-loved precious material. LOOP gives millennials and Generation Z the choice of minimalistic, sophisticated jade jewelry that seeks to redefine tradition and usher in the future of jewelry design.

Jade Renaissance

Jade jewelry has been a tradition of Chinese culture for centuries, but now imported diamond jewelry dominates the markets. Cultural shifts in taste can only account for part of this movement, inspiring the search for innovation and experimentation in there-invention of a Chinese classic.

inherited tradition

Kongming Lock Puzzle Inspired Jewelry

Inspired by the traditional Chinese Kongming Lock Puzzle structure, FAN have created a product with three pieces that can be assembled and dissembled manually. The Kongming Lock is a traditional Chinese intellectual toy, invented by Zhuge Kongming 2,000 years ago.  The interior of the toy contains convex and concave shapes that rely on the user’s ingenuity to assemble and detach a variety of shapes and structures.

Industry impact

Challenging Jade Industry Traditions

Instead of traditional stone setting techniques, FAN’s jade and metal components are cut into highly accurate modular pieces and assembled in a precise modular system. This innovative assembly method challenges jade jewelry industry traditions by introducing higher manufacturing accuracy and applying diversified advanced manufacturing techniques including five axis CNC and linear cutting.


Detach It with Fun, Have a Try

The creators at FAN were inspired by the traditional Chinese puzzle known as the‘San-tong Lock’. Deceptively simple, endlessly engaging, never boring, just like the lock, FAN jewelry invites you to try to unlock the mysteries within.


Inherited Goodness in Fan

Pronounced as‘shan’, fan and good sound illicit the same sound in Chinese. Traditionally, holding a fan in one’s hand was simultaneously a symbol of devotion to goodness and a token of love. FAN brings together this rich Chinese heritage of love and goodness into a single product with a simple message.


Chinese traditional Wooden
Kongming Lock Inspired Jewelry

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